Dining Table
Clean modern dining table. Quarter-sawn white oak table with
semi-exposed grid base and glass insert.
Dining Table
Large Craftsman-style dining table and matching side table/extensions.
Claro walnut. Seats up to 20.
Dining table
Artistic dining table for small group. Claro walnut table-top, semi-exposed
maple grid base, with birdseye maple butterflies.
Console Table
Jarra wood table made to go behind a couch in an elegant living room.
Japanese-Style Coffee Table
Coffee table of a simple Asian design made from Jarra wood, an Australian
hardwood, with Wenge butterflies. Artful, understated.
Coffee Table
In Jarra with a black granite top custom-designed to create a cenral focal point.
Bedside Nightstands
Designed to be functional but also to look beautiful next to a custom-designed bed.
Side Tables
A touch of whimsy was designed into these chair side tables.

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